A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment – By Esther Lamnyam

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About Esther Lamnyam

About Esther Lamnyam

Esther Lamnyam helps you tap into your perfect divine self by giving you tips and strategies you can use to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life.

Benefit from the wisdom Esther has gained from life experiences and working with others around the world and apply them to your situation. She shows you how to use natural principles to help you solve your life challenges. She gives you tips on how to tap into the laws of nature and the tools that exist around you and within you to achieve your goals.

Esther will show a variety of tools that will empower you to reclaim your life and create the life you dream of, as somewhere along the way in a busy life, some of us lost consciousness of our innate divine self and power.

There are rhythms and cycles to life; there’s a time for everything. When you tap into nature’s principles and laws, you create and maintain successful relationships, business and health without striving and instead, dance with nature. These natural laws work across the board, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business. The beauty of having these tools is you can always come back to them. They’re constant.

Hello everyone I am Esther Lamnyam author of the books “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships” and “Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to;” and founder of Imitate Nature Academy where we teach you how to transform your desires into tangible results by using simple tools found in the unchangeable laws of nature.


Consider some of these scenarios

I get asked or have experienced and see if you or someone you know has experienced it:

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    Have you attended tons of workshops, seminars, read books

    studied spiritual books, quoted inspirational text, tried The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Prayer of Jabez, Vision Boards, yet you cannot make your dreams, plans, goals, visions come to visible manifestation – or do so consistently?

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    Do you have a burning desire to succeed?

    You see the vision on your vision board, yet you keep going round and round in cycles despite your desire to succeed?

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    Have you lived with your partner for years and even had children

    but when you got married, and someone pronounced you “husband and wife,” after putting your hand on a religious book, the once exciting relationship started fading and may have ended in divorce?

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    Do you become very excited by a vision, plan, goal, or project

    and later lose all interest in it and even forget about it and don’t know why?

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    Well, listed above are some of the pains and challenges

    many and myself included, have encountered on our journey to find peace, joy, success, great fulfilling relationships and manifestation of our goals among other desires!

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    Along my own journey to seek wellness and make my life goals come true

    I ran into a lot of difficulties despite studying and researching to succeed. The fact that I and others had all the tools yet felt blocked, challenged me into seeking solutions for my hunger and passion and the journey led me into becoming a wellness and life success strategies coach. People tell me they have studied, taken workshops and travelled to other states and countries to be able to create their dreams or find a loving partner. However, success did not stick, could not be replicated or they felt blocked!

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    Well, I have a program that will enable you to manifest your desires and goals!

    I will show you the key hole! Yes, my search led me to (re)discover there are intangible tools and laws that when used, can help to create success in relationships and projects or our desires.

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    These tools are in nature, and are available to all! Very exciting, huh?

    They look so subtle and simple yet they are the base tools to enable lift-off and creation into tangible manifestation of your goals! These days, we hear the words “oh just download it from the Internet.” However, do you know how to download the ideas, architecture, relationships visions, scripts, paintings, music, you name it that is in your mind into concrete usable, marketable, enjoyable products?




Module 1: Know Yourself

When you know who you are and your innate abilities, you will not strive to be a “mango”, when instead you should effortlessly “become” the “apple” already encoded in you.

Module 2: The Truth about Choice

Being spiritual beings in a physical body; making a conscious choice sends a message to God, and the universe that you are ready so you get the help and strength you need from all sources. (Your thoughts are your prayers! Have you thought say about someone and they called you; or a desire and someone gives it to you? Use this innate wireless communication to catapult your life forward!)

Module 3: Giving and Receiving

Have you ever noticed that nature moves in cycles? You, your business, your relationships, and illnesses etc. all have a natural cycle. Understand and tap into this endless rhythm and lose frustration and near-breakthrough syndrome.

Module 4: Relationships

You will have human relationships in your life, and they present the most challenging aspect of our physical lives! They can elevate or flatten our projects and health. Relationships are our mirrors; learn to harmonize and use them to evolve.

Here is what a few who have experienced Esther’s coaching and workshops say:

Ms Esther Lamnyam, I think you have helped me devise a vision for my life with which I have set some goals, objectives and values towards this vision. Secondly, I’ve developed a sense of giving to the needy from you. And this is helping me a lot mingle with people. My Love and RegardsRene Kongbi
I attended your training at Martin Luther King Library in D.C. I still have my notes from your seminar and I use them. Thank you so much for your book and insights; they have definitely influenced my lifeLavern Johnson
Your program and books have been very helpful. They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods. My mood has improvedPat

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