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Links to All Modules for “Cracking the Code.  The Path to Creating a Successful Life  –A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment – By Esther Lamnyam

Thank you again for buying my program!  While we have all the information and knowledge to achieve our desires, many a times we are missing the pre-requisites that run  as a thread through what we do yielding to success.  This program will give you some of those foundational pre-requisites. Apply them to different goals as needed. Stay with the course; do it at your own pace as it might awaken in you emotions that need to be dealt with to remove blockages in your path to success.

Now that you have experienced the first few modules, below are All the Links to the whole Program:

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Personal Message from Esther Lamnyam :

How to use this Workbook:

Goals for this Program:

Esther Lamnyam Bio:

Introduction1 About CTC Soup:

Introduction2 About CTC Initiate LMTable Set Goal:


Module 1 KnowYourSelfValuesSW :

Workbook Module 1:


Module 2 Choice:

Workbook Module 2 :


Module 3 Giving and Receiving 2:

Module 3 Giving and Receiving 3 Natural Cycles:

Workbook Module 3:


Module 4 Relationships Cycle of Protection:

Workbook Module 4:


Module 5 Consolidating the Work:

From here, you can now access the whole workbook:


Workbook Module 5:


Module 6 Intentions Prayer Thoughts:

Workbook Module 6:


Module 7 Energy:

Workbook Module 7:


Module 8 Finding Solutions 1 :

Module 8 Finding Solutions 2:

Workbook Module 8:


Module 9 Letting Go 1 :

Module 9 Letting Go 2 :

Workbook Module 9:


Module 10 Verbal Contracts:

Workbook Module 10:


Module 11 Passing Through the Center 1 (Abrupt end):

Workbook Module 11:


Module 12 The Joy of Practical Application:

Workbook Module 12:


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