CRACKING THE CODE; THE PATH TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE. A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment – By Esther Lamnyam


Hello everyone I am Esther Lamnyam author of the books Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships” and “Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to; and founder of Imitate Nature Academy where we teach you how to transform your desires into tangible results by using simple tools found in the unchangeable  laws of nature.

Consider some of these scenarios I get asked or have experienced and see if you or someone you know has experienced it:

Have you attended tons of workshops, seminars, read books, studied spiritual books, quoted inspirational text, tried The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Prayer of Jabez, Vision Boards, yet you cannot make your dreams, plans, goals, visions come to visible manifestation – or do so consistently?

Do you have a burning desire to succeed?  You see the vision on your vision board, yet you keep going round and round in cycles despite your desire to succeed?

Have you lived with your partner for years and even had children but when you got married, and someone pronounced you “husband and wife,” after putting your hand on a religious book, the once exciting relationship started fading and may have ended in divorce?

OR, do your relationships or job seem to have a cycle and end when all along you thought this was the one?

Or consider this frustration:

Do you become very excited by a vision, plan, goal, or project and later lose all interest in it and even forget about it and don’t know why?

Have you well laid goals and plans yet you feel blocked sometimes, or often and can’t get to work on yours dreams?  If you get excited and start, it all soon snaps back into place?

Do you have all the keys, yet you cannot find the keyhole?

Can you get into relationships yet they do not last long nor are they as fulfilling as you envisioned?

Well, listed above are some of the pains and challenges many and myself included, have encountered on our journey to find peace, joy, success, great fulfilling relationships and manifestation of our goals among other desires!

Along my own journey to seek wellness and make my life goals come true, I ran into a lot of difficulties despite studying and researching to succeed. The fact that I and others had all the tools yet felt blocked, challenged me into seeking solutions for my hunger and passion and the journey led me into becoming a wellness and life success strategies coach.  People tell me they have studied, taken workshops and travelled to other states and countries to be able to create their dreams or find a loving partner.  However, success did not stick, could not be replicated or they felt blocked!

Well, I have a program that will enable you to manifest your desires and goals!  I will show you the key hole! Yes, my search led me to (re)discover there are intangible tools and laws that when used, can help to create success in relationships and projects or our desires.

These tools are in nature, and are available to all! Very exciting, huh? They look so subtle and simple yet they are the base tools to enable lift-off and creation into tangible manifestation of your goals!  These days, we hear the words “oh just download it from the Internet.” However, do you know how to download the ideas, architecture, relationships visions, scripts, paintings, music, you name it that is in your mind into concrete usable, marketable, enjoyable products?

The computer you are reading this on or the paper or the printer you used to print were once thoughts in someone’s mind.  My program will show you how to effortlessly download your ‘dreams’ into concrete products—and repeat! I have used these tools to write books, travel, mentor, coach, develop programs, go to conferences and do much, much more. I have also taught these tools and processes to young adults and adults and they have manifested success; implementing these techniques in their lives, projects and relationships.

Want to read about the modules before you buy? Click on: Summary of the Modules

Else find out more about how this program will activate your potentials –

Watch this video in which I tell you about this program.

Do you have big projects on your mind, on paper, but not in reality?

Can you start a relationship, project, and network successfully… and then….it frizzles out to nothingness?

Is this phenomenon a repeating cycle in your life?

Do you come up with great ideas, talk about them and then lose interest and later find out someone made a fortune implementing the same idea?

Well your frustrations, pain, challenges are about to go bye, bye so you can make your visions come to fruition

How? You ask…

Glad you asked…

Being spiritual beings in a physical body, to create our desires consistently, we need to bear in mind the intersection of the physical and the spiritual at play all the time.  With this awareness, and using the tools or laws nature has afforded us, for example rhythm and cycles, enables us, be more creative and successful in manifesting our desires.

Are you ready to walk into your vision? Because you are about to receive powerful, non-tangible tools and simple natural laws that will enable you to:

Get the answers to why you are failing so far

Know the prerequisites you need(ed) to put in place for any goal that will   lead you to tangible sustained and repeatable manifestation!

See how to make the “fruit fly” show up == > as you will now have the tools to create the right environment and situations for your desires to happen effortlessly!

The egg does not walk to the sperm, the sperms swims frantically to the egg! The flower does not go to the bee; the bee flies excitedly to the flower!   Do you believe the fragile egg and the flower are as innocent and powerless as they look! They know their power and how to use it to pull in what they want.

Do you know yours? Do you know how to use your power to create your dreams, goals, ideas, intimacy and more? Buy this program and find out. You will re-discover you have all the tools in your hands!

Well find out how you too have the power to pull in all the needed forces to aid in the achievement of your dreams! So they will come swimming and flying in droves to you!

You have the power to get and achieve manifestation, call into existence any goal you want manifested in your life, the life of your families, cooperation, ministry, but you have to know your power, know how to use it, know how to activate, accelerate, tame it, share it and use it to heal yourself and others and to bring your heart’s desires into manifestation.

In this video below I talk about:  the intersection of the physical and spiritual, how to download the ideas and dreams from your mind into concrete; using processes to solve and remove road blocks by knowing the basics.

You may ask these questions, “How am I going to do this? Are these tools expensive or available?”

I will show you how to do this by:

Using simple tools, hidden in plain sight. And they are all free and you can pull on them at anytime, anywhere to transcend the occasion, frustration, challenge or pain.

Using simple grounding; learn the secret of the greatest master. Don’t allow your successes to fly away. Have you seen someone get something great like a new job, home, car, baby, relationship, then something not so good happened soon thereafter? Ground your successes!

Learning tools that will stop your cyclical relationship or project failures. Do your relationships have a certain life cycle and they die after a month, 3 months, 1 or 2 years or over lunch or dinner…consistently?

Buy this one of a kind program where you will learn the prerequisites needed to create in different areas (physical, spiritual, emotional).

If in the first 30 days, you do not get the tools to accelerate your growth in your areas of your greatest frustration, pain, or challenge; ask for a full refund and your money will be refunded – no questions asked.  We only ask that you try this program to heal your frustration with an open mind and be receptive.

Do you have all the tools to make soup but still can’t make it? We can have all the potential in the world or look for a partner with potential …Only and only when potential energy is turned into Kinetic energy…that there can be real results or a real benefit to you and mankind. You can have all the ingredients to cook delicious soup, but without the element of fire, or a farm for herbs, soup will not materialize. If The Secret or Prayers are not working for you, and more so consistently, then get this program to learn what you are neglecting! Come find out the element (s) you need to activate your true nature/talents/gifts facilitating success.

Are you an individual that has a series of failed relationships either with your parents, children, spouse, and boyfriend or even with yourself!  Come find out what subtle yet powerful energies are being brought to the table!

Through this 12 module program, you will get solutions, with processes that are easy to follow, understand and replicate, thus increasing productivity, and confidence.

If you embark on this program, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

You will take the confusing and convoluted approaches to life situations and teachings and translate them so that they are very accessible, clear, understandable and practical.

You will be able to reveal and explain some of the wonders and hidden aspects of life in a way that is very clear and succinct.

You will learn the pre-requisites needed to create anything in life. Once you know and use them, the sky will be the limit to your creativity and contentment.

Whatever your background, the information you receive, will stir a fresh sense of wonder and possibilities leading you to ask questions and invite explorations of your life and the world around you.

The information will help awaken in you the knowledge that all the qualities essential for accelerating your growth and spiritual evolution are within you.   

Through this program, you will be provided a system for releasing these qualities into the physical so you realize your full potential.

This program will teach both individuals and groups how to create fulfilling relationships and transform your lives by using universal principles and laws of nature that cannot be manipulated, plea-bargained, bribed or loop-holed in any physical court of law. Laws that are available to all whether rich, poor, leader, mystic, guru, villager, star, religious personality, adult or a child! You have the power — use it!

My background of science, spirituality, arts, healing, questioning, multicultural, and inter-continental allows me to enable the individual to know themselves through science, nature, spirituality, the universe within and without, and to awaken the world within so they can manifest in this outer world their full potential.

At the end through this program, the responsibility for growth will be placed back to you where you can replicate it over and over again.  Therein lies the joy in your life journey, the unfolding of the universe and the adventures of human living!

This program will remind you to recognize relationships and events and the interconnectedness of humans, events, nature, and to begin the process of creating new relationships with yourself and others – relationships that are more fulfilling and divine.

Who is this program for?

For anyone who wants to change their lives for the better; are tired of being frustrated, has tried many tools from books, to workshops and has not received the success they desire, this program is for you.  If you want to be more successful in achieving your goals then these modules are for you.

Are you an individual that has had a series of failed relationships either with your parents, children, spouse, and boyfriend or even with yourself? Then this program is for you.

You just want to be happy and joyful no matter what!

You feel like you did something wrong but you can’t put your finger on it? And the real truth and saddest part about all of this is that you know deep down that you are doing the best you know how to, but the results are always the same; they are not what you envisioned?

You know and have tried. . . planning, setting goals, the law of attraction, visualization, Feng shui, Vision Boards, and more unsuccessfully and maybe you have considered moving to another State or Country or trying another job or changing spouses?

And perhaps some of these things worked to a certain extent but then like a rubber band your behavior or relationship snapped back to where it was before or perhaps even got worse. Have you so worried that you are losing sleep, eating or drinking more or slipping into your own mild depression?

Are you beginning to think you attract sick men or women into your life and you are now swearing them off and not being in any more relationships or even trying to?

You are one who has great skills but every once in a while you feel so completely mentally blocked you are not being productive and you are almost beginning to think there is something wrong with you but you just can’t figure it out?

Do you feel like your life resembles going round and round the inner and outer loop of the beltway never being able to exit? You go round and round in circles and success keeps slipping out of your hands though you are very brilliant?

You have great plans and ideas but can’t implement them to fruition?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, or have friends, family, congregations, clients who do? Then get this program, better yet get them all on this program. Your success is mine and mine is yours…so we all can share our genius and move on to another level!

Here in this video below is a summary of the modules and my story and journey to this discovery:

This Twelve module program “Cracking the Code; The Pathway to creating Success, will provide you with the tools, and encouragement that will help you really make a difference by:

Having the tools needed to tap into your own creativity

Improving your relationships

Developing practical strategies for a better quality of life

Unveiling how to convert your potential into kinetic energy. You can have all the potential in the world; it wouldn’t do you any good until you enable it to yield fruits. I’ll show you the tools to use to enable and full throttle your potential.

Imitating nature to live a life of bliss and abundance. There is a season/life cycle for everything under the universe be it a cold, pregnancy, hurricane, fruit, or business. Learn and tap into the seasons of your life and begin to create effortlessly. Lose complaining forever.

Forming your own malleable personal constitution. Any successful country, business and organization has one; you too must; as it will guide you and you will not be that which you are not, but be the best you instead. As you learn, discern, grow and develop more self-knowledge and see the interconnectedness of your life and the world, you open up even more to giving and receiving.

Learning how to vibrate at your own natural frequency; tap into this and create your own resonance (great success) – over and over.

Develop your personal code for success with the simple life management balancing tools.  Know and use them daily and watch the unveiling of the/your universe. Just these tools alone is worth the price of this program.

Get nature’s hidden in plain sight secret code and tools for your inevitable success.

Helping you to get clear and able to really focus on your goals, dreams and how to energize them so your dreams even dream for you – ah ha!

As a bonus for getting this program, I will explain how a balanced life is not a straight line, but more so a sine curve and how to achieve it with these simple tools. As a life success strategist, I see people who ‘balance’ their life by for example working, doing religious activities, and taking care of kids. Then they might come to me or another coach, when their relationships with their spouse has faltered, have health issues, financial issues or stress.  These tools will enable you to achieve fulfillment in all these areas if you so desire. You cannot manage time. Time is life, thus manage your life and then you can get a relationship with time. (It’s all about relationships…you are at the center.) We focus on self and radiate and influence the world around us and they also propagate their light, genius, love, etc. to others….it goes on ad-infinitum.

But is starts with you… Let’s get on with this program. I am very excited to be your guide at this phase, lap or chapter of your/our journey.

Watch this video to see this tool:

You might think …this is a different kind of approach and you want to just check it out. If so, get started on the program after which you will learn more about each module by watching a video on each module. You may be interested in certain modules and you will have the option to buy just those.  Each module/tool is independent of the others, though knowing them all will accelerate your growth quicker.

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Want to read about the modules before you buy? Summary of the Modules

With Joy, Love and Gratitude,


Contact Esther if you have questions or want one-on-one coaching by emailing Info@ImitateNature.com.



Here is what a few who have experienced Esther’s coaching and workshops say:

Here are some testimonials of Esther’s life strategies coaching and what a few some participants of her workshops have said:

“Hello Ms. Esther: I met you at Bethel Outreach last year when you spoke.  I have been meaning to contact you to tell you your book has really opened my eyes especially about male and female relationships. I recently got married this past June, and men and women speak two different languages.  But your book is soo good. I plan to invest in more of your publications. You are a blessing and thank God for your words. “ —  JD. McMillian

“Hello Esther,  You have been instrumental in bringing me back to awareness of who I really am, absent my ego. My association with you prompted me to return to the practice of meditation and the listening to motivational materials. These renewed practices which was spurred by my association with you has resulted in my being more centered, awake and aware of myself. I now have a revived relationship with family and friends which heretofore I had not experienced.I wish that I had the opportunity to say this to you earlier but since I did not I am glad to now have this opportunity to share this with you.”  —  Mike Griffin

Esther Lamnyam has a special gift of analyzing symptoms in any part of the body before they become chronic. She was right on the money with my high level of cholesterol and lack of adequate irons in my blood before any symptoms could emerge. She is extremely patient concern and meticulous beyond reproach. She will exceed your expectations with confidence and professionalism. If you are looking for someone with integrity, honesty, extraordinary skills of analyzing healing and preventive care there is only one person who has won my respect and that person is Esther Lamnyam. “– Prof. Babs Onabanjo

“Ms Esther Lamnyam, I think you have helped me devise a vision for my life with which I have set some goals, objectives and values towards this vision. Secondly, I’ve developed a sense of giving to the needy from you. And this is helping me a lot mingle with people.   My Love and Regards.”  —Rene Kongbi 

“I attended your training   at Martin Luther King Library in D.C. I still have my notes from your seminar and I use them.  Thank you so much for your book and insights; they have definitely influenced my life.” – -Lavern Johnson

My work with Esther has taught me to streamline my thoughts. She helped me to categorize some of the basic things like values, interests, and goals. She also gave me exercises and homework to continue to work on these areas. She gave me some grounding exercises and small things that I can do each day to move towards my vision.

I have a notebook, in which I put all of the important things she taught me. I refer to it often as I continue to shape my destiny. Work with Esther if you have unfulfilled dreams. She will help you to find your way.”  ~ Carey

“Hi, Esther.

Your program and books have been very helpful.   They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods.  My mood has improved.  – Pat.”

I, Patience (mostly called Grandma) believes in Esther and her Coaching. You just need to LISTEN to her talk!!! She has a WEALTH of Wisdom, I would say in almost all fields( the Arts, Science, Nature, Balance, etc). Just listen to her talk to U about,say” Forgiveness”, U will almost immediately act and have the greatest peace of mind. She is Wonderful and I pray many people can contact her and gain from her Wealth of Knowledge.  –  Patience Ndi (Grandma)

Ms. Esther, after reading your book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree; What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” my relationship with my wife, with my two kids and even with my customers at the mall where I work improved dramatically for good.

I now understand the relationship between my wife and my children; and the relationship between my children and me.  I am at peace and enjoy my family more now. I look at my customers in a totally different way.

Though I am from China, this book transcends location and people.  Next to my Bible, this is the only book I come back to often.  Thank you.  I wish you great success and hope more people read your book to benefit from it.  –  David Chung



About Esther Lamnyam

Esther Lamnyam helps you tap into your perfect divine self by giving you tips and strategies you can use to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life.

Benefit from the wisdom Esther has gained from life experiences and working with others around the world and apply them to your situation. She shows you how to use natural principles to help you solve your life challenges. She gives you tips on how to tap into the laws of nature and the tools that exist around you and within you to achieve your goals.

Esther will show a variety of tools that will empower you to reclaim your life and create the life you dream of, as somewhere along the way in a busy life, some of us lost consciousness of our innate divine self and power.

There are rhythms and cycles to life; there’s a time for everything. When you tap into nature’s principles and laws, you create and maintain successful relationships, business and health without striving and instead, dance with nature. These natural laws work across the board, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business. The beauty of having these tools is you can always come back to them. They’re constant.

Esther Lamnyam

Originally from Cameroon, in an effort to survive a very challenging situation after graduating from high school, Esther started discovering the hidden-in-plain sight laws of nature at play whether we used them or not. She tapped into these laws to create the opportunity to further her education in the U.S. and later again to achieve good health.

Today, Esther’s story has come full circle. She’s currently part of a new effort to mentor African young adults in life success strategies.

Esther can be reached by email at Info@Imitatenature.com.