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Cracking the Code.  The Path to Creating a Successful Life  –  A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment – By Esther Lamnyam


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Do you have a burning desire to succeed?

You see the vision on your vision board, yet you keep going round and round in cycles despite your desire to succeed?

In this Video training series you will…

  • Have the tools needed to tap into your own creativity, improve your relationships and develop practical strategies for a better quality of life
  • Imitate nature to live a life of bliss and abundance. There is a season/life cycle for everything under the universe be it a cold, pregnancy, hurricane, fruit, or business. Learn and tap into the seasons of your life and begin to create effortlessly. Lose complaining forever.
  • Discover the prerequisites you need(ed) to put in place for any goal that will lead you to tangible sustained and repeatable manifestation!
  • Watch this video talking about how I came about developing this program :

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“Your program and books have been very helpful.   They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods.  My mood has improved. ” – Pat Kenjo



Module 1: Know Yourself

When you know who you are and your innate abilities, you will not strive to be a “mango”, when instead you should effortlessly “become” the “apple” already encoded in you.


Module 2: The Truth about Choice

Being spiritual beings in a physical body; making a conscious choice sends a message to God, and the universe that you are ready so you get the help and strength you need from all sources. (Your thoughts are your prayers!  Have you thought say about someone and they called you; or a desire and someone gives it to you? Use this innate wireless communication to catapult your life forward!)

Module 3: Giving and Receiving

Have you ever noticed that nature moves in cycles? You, your business, your relationships, and illnesses etc. all have a natural cycle. Understand and tap into this endless rhythm and lose frustration and near-breakthrough syndrome.

Module 4: Relationships

You will have human relationships in your life, and they present the most challenging aspect of our physical lives! They can elevate or flatten our projects and health. Relationships are our mirrors; learn to harmonize and use them to evolve.

Module 5: Consolidating the Ground Work

We’ll check on the solidity of the work you have done so far and reinforce it so you have a solid base from which to build. Grounding is a physical, spiritual and mental process. An electrician will never work without grounding; so too must you, so your successes stick…for good.

Module 6: Intentions

Setting the intention to do something sends a clear message to Thoughts, the Universe, God, Angels, Yourself, the Collective Consciousness,  that you are ready and allows the needed help to come!

Module 7: Energy

It is all about energy! There is spiritual energy in every human being. Some call it auras or smoke, some call it magnetism and electricity; some call it chemistry or level of comfort. It is a relationship world! Become very conscious of it and how to use it or protect from negative aspects of it.

Module 8: Finding solutions not faults

Any program of detoxification will help us get our pure energy through and help us hear the voice of Spirit advising and guiding us on our way. You need this guidance whether a great leader or a child!

Module 9: Letting Go

We continue with the important theme of forgiveness and letting go. You will learn the quickest way to clear the energy between you and that person or those people once you have forgiven them and the technique of letting go. Many people’s destinies and successes have been stagnated, though brilliant, because of the gate of unforgiveness.

Module 10: Verbal Contracts

Conferral of degrees, coronations, marriage ceremonies, baptism, discussions, “I’ll call you”, are all verbal contracts made by our physical world with the spiritual, whether we know it or not, see it or not. When you do not keep your part of this contract , remember the spiritual is still part of it and has its own demands. You may not succeed in your aspiration and not remember your verbal contracts are still active . Spirit has no interest in written contracts; as written contracts are often violated. As a spiritual being in a physical body, know thyself – physical and spiritual and the laws of both realms.  This program will show you how not to be your own enemy!

Module 11: Passing through the center

There is always a third element or temporary location involved, whether you see it or not. It creates the triangle. This element’s sphere is where all creation takes place.  Say to make soup without the element of heat/fire, oil and water will not mix and give you delicious soup! This program will help you determine the non-tangible element needed to activated success of your endeavors! As you change lanes and you move from one vibratory level to another, different tools become available to you!

Module 12: The Joy of Practical Application

At this final module, it’s time to take stock of the journey we’ve been on together. We’ll do:

– Detailed review of your learning from each module – this is a way of reinforcing learning by making the unconscious conscious

– Reflection on the experience and moving forward


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This coaching program was inspired by my book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What city moms didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships.”

This book shows you through a group of friends going through life and the resulting dramas, how to tap into physical and spiritual principles and the laws of nature to create a fulfilling life. “As Spiritual Beings in a physical cocoon, honoring both our physical and spiritual nature helps us create more fulfilling relationships,” – excerpt from Love Under the Kola Nut Tree.

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Meet the Cracking the Code Creator

Esther Lamnyam

Esther Lamnyam

Esther is a wellness and life success strategist who helps you ReClaim Your Life! She is the founder of Imitate Nature Consulting and Coaching International, and author of the books: “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Mom’s Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,”  “Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to,” “My Husband Is A Cuckoo: And Other Poems of my Youth,”  “How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal,” all available on amazon.com.

Esther is the creator of the ReClaim Your Life Live Events and Masterminds where attendees use dance, nutrition and knowledge to move the dial of their success needle forward!  Join today!

To hire Esther for one-on-one coaching or as a speaker, contact Esther by sending an email to Info@ImitateNature.com

Esther gives you strategies and the laws of nature and principles needed to empower you to create a great life, good health and great relationships.

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