Cracking the Code – The Path to Creating a Successful Life



Cracking the Code.  The Path to Creating a Successful Life    A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment – By Esther Lamnyam

You want to study at your own time and pace? This home study coaching program is right for you.

If I asked you to tell me what is needed to make and serve a delicious bowl of soup, you would probably list out all the ingredients in detail, but would you include the heat and the stove needed to do the cooking, or the car and the gas needed to drive to the store and get the ingredients, or the well-equipped store itself? However without all these elements, delicious soup would be difficult to make.

What I finally discovered in my own struggle for success was that there are subtle, intangible tools and elements involved in all we do which are not very obvious (like the non-listed things needed to make soup). These not-so-obvious tools act as catalysts to bring our efforts into manifestation ensuring long lasting repeatable success. This coaching program was inspired by my book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What city moms didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships” which is part of my own journey.

All the qualities essential for accelerating growth and spiritual evolution are innate; they are the hidden threads and fibers that run through our lives. But most people need a system for releasing these qualities so that they can realize their full potential. This workbook provides that system. When we use the system to tap into the interconnectedness of our lives, we create a correspondence that determines our success.

My system adapts itself to you as an individual and will enable you to awaken the divine creating forces within you in a gentle and natural way; you may feel challenged but you will not feel overwhelmed in the process.

This program will enable you to ‘Crack the Code’ and find your ‘Path to Creating a Successful Life’. You will transform your life by using the tools herein. Do not underestimate how “simple” some of them might seem. Just a pinch of salt makes a big difference in a big pot of soup!

Imitate Nature. Become Daily!            

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CRACKING THE CODE; THE PATH TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Powerful tools to bring about life fulfillment. A Home Study Coaching Program By    Esther Lamnyam

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